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Angel Negron

Angel Negron is a native New Yorker born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey where most of his inspiration for music was born.
His family was heavily into music with the movement of Salsa in the 70’s. His father joined a band playing in small clubs around NYC, New Jersey and sometimes traveled to PR.
Surrounded by music all the time and seeing his father’s band practice Angel was bit by the music industry bug.
Fast forward a few years, hip hop became a big influence in Angel’s life.
It was then when he was introduced to DJing and scratching on vinyl.
He’d go over a friends house that had turntables just to practice and perfect his technique.
In the late 80’s Angel was introduced to freestyle by some of his friends and fell in love with the melody, faster tempo, drums and the vocals.
He then began to master freestyle as a DJ which led to his first DJ gig in this small club called (wait for it) The Bottom Of The Barrel yup!
Angel then became well known in the freestyle industry with the artist themselves. Soon after Angel bumped into some old friends from high school in Jersey Erick Morillo and John Garcia. Erick use to DJ for our high school dance party’s playing more High Energy (GQ) style of music. Erick and John were opening up a well known label as we know it today called Subliminal Records and asked Angel to be a part of this amazing label and history was made.
Angel was now scouting for great producers Like Harry “Choo Choo” Romero, Jose Nunez and Richard F just to name a few.
Checking out demos from time to time, marketing, visiting radio stations and everything in between.
Angel found a new sound at this point and it was called “House” and became obsessed with DJing house music all night long.
Angel took to the NYC clubs in search for his next club venture and found it in clubs called Kiss and Fly, TAO, Limelight and The Muse just to name a few while still DJing in NJ Clubs as well. Meeting so many great artists and DJ’s like Little louie Vega, Armand Van Helden, Todd Terry, Jocelyn Brown, Marc Anthony, El General just to name a few kept him motivated.

Angel's debut single on Sure Player together with Raul Soto titled Taino will be out on the 20th of July 2018